Intergenerational Solutions for Healthy Aging in Michigan

Generations United, with support from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, is expanding intergenerational initiatives in Michigan.

Based on a successful pilot and planning grant, Generations United received a two-year grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund to expand intergenerational initiatives in Michigan designed to decrease social isolation among older adults while increasing interest among young people in health professions in aging.

This important project includes four key areas of work:

  1. providing training and technical assistance;
  2. deepening partnerships with high impact potential;
  3. expanding intergenerational pilot programs, and
  4. addressing sustainability through philanthropy and public policy.

Project Team:

Sheri Steinig, Generations United’s special projects director will lead the project working with a highly qualified team including our Senior Fellows Bruce Astrein and Dr. Nancy Henkin, along with our long-time collaborator Dr. Abbie Lawrence-Jacobson.

Project Partners:

We are excited to partner with the Ypsilanti Senior Center and the Detroit Area Agency on Aging to develop intergenerational programs in Ypsilanti and Detroit. In year two of the grant, we will expand to other parts of Michigan. We will also be working with Michigan State University Extension on this project.

Michigan State Network:

A key element of the work is to build an intergenerational network in the state. We have identified over 40 intergenerational programs in Michigan but are hoping for many more. Please contact Sheri Steinig at if you are coordinating an intergenerational program in Michigan, know of programs in Michigan, or live in Michigan and are interested in intergenerational programs.


Project Overview


We are grateful to the Health Fund for their support to grow high-quality intergenerational practices.