Intergenerational Programs & Spaces

Intergenerational shared sites are settings where children, youth and older adults participate in services and/or programs concurrently at the same site or on the same campus.

Participants interact during regular planned intergenerational activities, as well as through informal encounters. In addition to shared sites, these settings can be referred to as intergenerational spaces, centers, care/day care, etc.

Generations United’s created and operates the National Center on Intergenerational Shared Sites to provide training, technical assistance, toolkits and guides, program recognition, seed grants, networking, and other activities to support this emerging field.

Publication Intergenerational Arts
Learn more about intergenerational arts programs
Publication Diversity of Intergenerational Programming Survey
In 2022, Generations United conducted a national survey to explore the diversity of intergenerational programs in the United States. The survey assessed organizational characteristics, populations served, unique goals, challenges, and needs of programs. NYU CHAI performed data analyses and prepared the report.
Publication Intergenerational Community Planning
This report lays out the many potential avenues that exist for planners to bring a focused and intentional intergenerational lens to local planning practices.