Media Coverage

We have earned coverage on all major American television networks and cable news broadcasts including programs such as NBC’s Today and CBS’ The Early Show.

In print, Generations United has garnered coverage in newspapers across the country, including The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. Magazines such as Ladies Home Journal and Parade have featured our story and our issues as well.

We have also earned regular coverage on numerous network radio news broadcasts including reports from the Associated Press, National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. In the last few years, many digital news outlets and podcasts have also reported on our efforts, including AOL News, Yahoo News, and Reuters.

2024 Media Coverage

  • May 12 – The Seattle Times “WA older adults fight isolation by rethinking senior housing”
  • April 22 – Power Station with Anne Pasmanick “What makes these grandfamilies unique is that unlike parent-headed homes, these caretakers step in with no automatic legal rights and responsibilities for the children”
  • April 19 – The Cool Grandpa Podcast “EP – 178 Support for Grandparents with Generations United”
  • April 18 – It’s A Grand Life Podcast “Part 2: ‘We’re Making Progress'”
  • April 11 – It’s A Grand Life Podcast “Part 1: Tracking the Trends”
  • Spring 2024 –  GRAND Magazine “New beginnings for grandparents raising granchildren” by Jaia Lent and GRAND Voices Victoria Gray, Laurie Tapozada, and Bernadine Atchinson
  • April/May – Brain & Life “How Intergenerational Day Care Programs Benefit Both Seniors and Children”
  • April 3 – InsideHook  “Can Different Generations Truly Be Friends? On social media, age groups have been condensed into antagonistic memes. Here’s how one Gen Zer and Gen Xer are bridging a widening generation gap.”
  • April 3 – The Well News “Reauthorizing the Older Americans Act Benefits All Americans”  by Donna Butts, Generations United  & Trent Stamp, The Eisner Foundation
  • March 29 – Today, Explained “The kids are all home” (podcast or text
  • March 22 – Morningstar MarketWatch ” ‘We don’t have resources left.’ Grandparents are giving up retirement to raise their grandchildren.” (GRAND Voice members Mercedes Bristol, Kris Magstadt, and Jan Wagner)
  • February 18 – The New York Times “Old and Young, Talking Again”
  • January 21 – The Orange County Register “Older relatives answer need, step in as later-in-life parents” (subscriber only)
  • January 16 – Baton Rouge Advocate/New Orleans Times-Picayune/ “Letters: With settlement, let’s help grandparents who are paying the price for opioid crisis”  by Kathy Coleman, Generations United GRAND Voice (subscriber only)
  • January 12 – The Denver Post “Colorado’s high housing costs, caregiving needs push more generations to live under one roof” (subscriber only)

2023 Media Coverage

  • December 27 – USA TODAY “For grandfamilies, life can be filled with sacrifices, love and bittersweet holidays”
  • Winter 2023 – GRAND Magazine “5 tips for grandfamilies facing mental health concerns”
  • December 15 – Youth Today “When grandparents raise grandkids”
  • November 30 – Herald-Leader “More than 55,000 KY children live with relatives. Here’s five ways to help them.” Opinion by Norma Hatfield, Generations United GRAND Voice
  • November 24 – KJZZ 91.5 “New report shows grandfamilies face heightened mental health concerns due to trauma”
  • November 23 – “‘I’m super thankful’: How Desmond Bane was raised by his great-grandparents”
  • November 23 – WBUR “Grandparents reflect on the struggle — and love — of raising their grandchildren”
  • November 16 – Alabama Daily News “Alabama commission seeking input from grandparents raising grandchildren”
  • November 15 – Realtor Magazine “Experts: Multigenerational Housing Needs More Support”
  • November 13 – WHYY “Delco Grandmother Raising Grandchild Empowers And Supports Other Grands Who Step Up”
  • November 11 – WVNews “New report: Grandfamilies at higher risk of mental health issues”
  • October 11 – “Watch This Adorable Clip Of A Toddler & A Senior Laughing Together At An Intergenerational Care Center: Try not to smile — I dare you!”
  • September 13 – Market Watch  “Are you a long-distance grandparent? How to build and maintain that bond for life.”
  • September 12 – Silver Century Foundation “Innovators Find Creative Ways to Connect the Generations”
  • September 5 – Kentucky Lantern  “Kinship care families are waiting for a champion”
  • Fall 2023 – GRAND Magazine “The Grandparent Advantage”
  • September – Kiplinger Retirement Report  “Building Connections Across Generations: How efforts to bring younger and older people together can benefit both.”
  • August 13 – The Washington Post Letter to the Editor  “We’re not all terrified of aging”
  • August 13 – St. George News  “For grandparents raising grandchildren, their hearts are in the right place. But what’s missing?”
  • August 6 – The New York Times  “The Joy of May-December Friendship. These BFFs have learned that a 40- or 50-year age gap is no deterrent to connection.”
  • June 26 – Andscape  “The coronavirus pandemic’s ongoing legacy: COVID orphans”
  • Summer 2023 – GRAND Magazine “Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) protecting our grandchildren’s connection to family and cultural identity.”
  • June 7 – American Planning Association Blog “The Importance of Intergenerational Communities”
  • June 3 – The Wall Street Journal  “No, Grandma and Grandpa Can’t Babysit Tonight”
  • May 25 – Los Angeles Times  “They’re in their 60s and parenting yet again, balancing the struggles, joy of adoption”
  • May 25 – The Imprint  “Family First, Five Years In: Outside Safety Net Services Needed to Prevent Foster Care, Expert Panel Says”
  • May 14 – Portland Press Herald “Gorham House preschool brings together youth, older adults”
  • April 9 – ‘This isn’t the retirement I’d planned’: More than 2.4 million grandparents are raising grandkids, after the opioid epidemic and Covid ripped up families and upended plans decades in the making
  • March 22 – Next Avenue “Families Rediscovering Multigenerational Living”
  • March 2 – AARP Bulletin “When Grandparents Are Called to Parent — Again”
  • February 27 – Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Opinion/Solutions: On-campus retirement communities help generations support each other”
  • February 21 – FRAC Chat “Show Love for Grandfamilies and Kinship Families in Your Community”
  • February 9 – The Daily Northwestern “Chicago-based housing organization recognized nationally for intergenerational housing initiatives”
  • February 2 – Youth Today “Grandfamilies disproportionately at-risk for food insecurity, advocates say”
  • January 31 – Lexington Herald Leader Opinion “Nearly 60,000 KY children are raised by family members. They deserve more support.”
  • January 30 – Brookings Playful Learning Series “Playful learning creates multigenerational opportunities with intergenerational impacts”
  • January 26 – Reasons to be Cheerful  “At On-Campus Retirement Communities, Seniors and ‘Seniors’ Forge Deep Bonds”
  • January 18 – The State of Childhood Obesity Expert Perspective “How Nutrition Programs Can Better Prevent Hunger Among Grandfamilies”
  • January 10 – The Beacon “Many benefits of intergenerational living”

2022 Media Coverage

  • December 19 – National Parent Teacher Association One Voice “New Generations United Report Highlights Grandfamilies’ Struggles with Food Insecurity”
  • December 12 – NPR Here and Now “It takes creativity — and love: Grandparents persevere to feed their families”
  • December 8 – Fast Company  “This is what Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z can learn from each other at work”
  • November 19 – CBS Saturday Morning “Preschool at retirement complex promotes intergenerational learning”
  • November 19 – The Hill Opinion  “How Congress can fight hunger and support America’s ‘grandfamilies’”
  • November 18 – USA TODAY “Strain on ‘grandfamilies’: Grandparents raising grandkids face high levels of food insecurity”
  • November 17 – American Society on Aging Generations Now “New Generations United Report Highlights Grandfamilies’ Struggles with Food Insecurity”
  • November 15 – Kraus-Anderson Construction Company Build Me Up Podcast “National Adoption Day with the Magstadt Family and Generations United”
  • November 8 – LA Weekly  “Grandfamilies Face Food Insecurity As Holidays Approach”
  • November 8 – Food Fix newsletter (for paid subscribers only) “‘Grandfamilies’ face disproportionately high rates of food insecurity”
  • November 7 – Food Dive newsletter “Children raised by grandparents face a higher rate of hunger”
  • November 6 – KRGV ABC 5 News Rio Grande Valley “Grandparent-led households experience food insecurity at twice the national rate, report finds”
  • November 4 – The Washington Post “A quarter of children being raised by grandparents face hunger”
  • November 3 – KNXV ABC Phoenix “Food insecurity in grandparent-led homes”
  • November 2 – STAT Morning Rounds newsletter “‘Grandfamilies’ more likely to face food insecurity”
  • November 2 – Pagosa Daily Post “Grandparent-Headed Households Experiencing Food Insecurity at Twice the National Rate”
  • November 2 – This Week in WorcesterGrandparent-Headed Households Experience Food Insecurity at Twice National Rate”
  • November 2 – Yahoo! “New report: Grandfamilies face food insecurity nationwide”
  • November 2 – 1380 AM WPHM Detroit  “Food insecurity in grandparent-led households”
  • November 2 – Q13 FOX News Seattle “New report: Grandfamilies face food insecurity nationwide”
  • November 2 – KCRA NBC Sacramento “Food insecurity among grandfamilies”
  • October 12 – The New York Times “Can ‘Kinship Care’ Help the Child Welfare System? The White House Wants to Try.”
  • September 30 – The New York Times “Grand-mates: Generations Sharing a Special Bond (and Sometimes the Rent)”
  • August 3 – Yahoo News/ “When Is Grandparents Day 2022? Everything To Know”
  • July 15 – The Washington Post “One roommate is 85, the other is 27. Such arrangements are growing.”
  • July 10 – Los Angeles Daily News “Successful Aging: How can we educate young people about aging?”
  • June 17 – “The new fatherhood: Granddad who adopted grandkids reflects on change”
  • June 3 – The Chronicle of Philanthropy “New Nonprofit Center Helps Children Who Are Being Cared For by Their Kin”
  • May 11 – Kiplinger “Adult Day Centers Help Retirees with Alzheimer’s”
  • April 22 – KJZZ Public Radio “Kids who lost parents to COVID-19 are now being raised by grandparents
  • April 22 – The Washington Post “Opinion: Grandparentsstep up. So should we.”
  • April 15 – Next Avenue “Building Skills and a New Friendship — At Ages 96 and 19”
  • April 12 – The New York Times “As Families Grieve, Grandparents Step Up”
  • March 8 – The Hill op-ed “The US must confront its failures of Native children in foster care”
  • February 26 – Apartment Therapy (grandfamilies, housing, Ana Beltran)
  • February 24 – KVUE (grandfamilies, Texas, GRAND Voice Mercedes Bristol)
  • February 18 – Boca Raton Tribune (grandfamilies)
  • February 16 – The Parental Compass podcast (grandfamilies, Kinship Care, GRAND Voice Lynn Urvina)
  • February 7 – Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ) press release (grandfamilies, Arizona, GRAND Voice Victoria Gray)
  • January 28 – Next Avenue (grandfamilies)
  • January 26 – Stanford Longevity Center Century Lives podcast (Donna Butts, Multigenerational Living)
  • January 6 – AARP  (gu, grandfamilies)
  • January 3 – AARP  (gu, intergenerational)

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