Public Policy

Generations United believes that public policy should meet the needs of all generations and that resources are more wisely used when they connect generations rather than separate them. We promote an intergenerational approach to framing public policies that impact children, youth and older adult issues.

Key Policy Issues:

Resource Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021: Implication for Grandfamilies Brief Summary
This summary of the Act, divided by the relevant divisions and titles of that law, highlights provisions specifically designed to help grandfamilies and provides opportunities for the child welfare system to better support these families.
Publication Public Policy Priorities for the 117th Congress
This report outlines Generations United's legislative priorities for the 117th Congress.
Publication Federal Funding Opportunities for Intergenerational Shared Sites
This chart is designed to share some of the federal funding sources that include — or could include — support for intergenerational shared sites.