Bruce Astrein

Senior Fellow

For over four decades, Bruce has worked on a number of concerns relating to the healthy and full development of children, youth, families and their communities in Michigan, Massachusetts, DC, New York, Arizona and New Orleans.  During this time, he has held numerous leadership positions within the non-profit, public and philanthropic sectors.

Earlier in his career, Bruce directed a small research and consulting firm that worked extensively on a wide range of issues:  poverty and welfare; public education reform; intergenerational and elder issues; youth development; childcare and family support; employment and training; health care; human services; and community development.

Bruce’s interest in aging issues began roughly 40 years ago in Boston, where he did extensive research, advocacy, program and policy work.  It continued during his years in philanthropy, as he helped design, implement and support various intergenerational efforts, including a statewide “Communities for All Ages” Initiative in Arizona.

A common focus of the work has been on the creation of a wide variety of strategies, collaborations, tools and resources related to strengthening public sector institutions (notably public schools and public libraries), nonprofit organizations, and communities that provide for the health, education and welfare of children, elders and their families.

As a Senior Fellow at Generations United, Bruce will be focusing on an initial effort to review (assess) the current state of Intergenerational activity and leadership in Detroit in order to help build the needed support structures and community partnerships for strengthening and advancing an intergenerational public policy agenda at the local (and hopefully the state) level.

Bruce and his wife, Denise, presently divide their time between Michigan and New York.