Frames That Inform Intergenerational Work

This brief presents how different aspects of research-based framing relative to populations and services (children, youth, older adults, human services) can inform how the intergenerational field presents its work.

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The intergenerational field is one with roots in other fields; the fields of children and youth, families, aging/older adults, and human services, among them. Put another way, many of the people working to advance intergenerational cooperation and interdependence hail from other specialized fields.

The intent of this brief is to increase awareness of the fact that people come at intergenerational issues from different vantage points and “frames” and to point out areas of commonality relative to perceptions and framing of these fields that can and should influence how we make the case for intergenerational programs, policies and planning.

This brief was authored by Irv Katz, Senior Fellow; and Danica Derriennic, Associate.