Irv Katz

Senior Fellow Emeritus

Irv joined Generations United as a Senior Fellow in December of 2017.  The focus of his work for GU is on techniques and partnerships that make it possible and desirable for localities to weave intergenerational strategies for diverse aspects of community life–from intergenerational programs and facilities to intergenerational housing—into local plans for the future.

Irv Katz is former President & CEO of the National Human Services Assembly, a leading association of national nonprofit human service networks, a post he held from 2001-2015. Much of his career prior to that was with United Way, including stints as an SVP at United Way of America (now United Way Worldwide) and as President of the United Way of Central Indiana (Indianapolis and environs), though his career began at an historic settlement house, also in Indianapolis.

Katz has transitioned from a single full-time job to an encore career as a freelance consultant and as a Senior Fellow at Generations United. A prolific networker and writer, Irv is passionate about the nonprofit and human service sectors and the critical roles they play in individual, family, community and national well-being.