Strategic Plan

Generations United seeks to be the catalyst for and recognized leader of knowledge-based, intentional efforts to create a world that values and engages all generations. Highlights from our Strategic Plan for 2019 through 2021 are below:

Our Goals

  • Raise awareness of the value and importance of intergenerational solutions and collaboration to communities and national well-being.
  • Strengthen and grow the community of practitioners and supporters of intergenerational approaches.
  • Advance evidence-based intergenerational practices and policies toward critical mass.

Action Strategies

Lead with major strategies that collectively build momentum for intergenerational action:

  1. Spaces & Places: shared sites, housing, and community-building
  2. Grandfamilies: policy, funding and empowerment of grandfamilies
  3. Quality Intergenerational Programs & Policies: learning and action across the field

Serve as thought-leader, catalyst and field-builder for intergenerational approaches in the US, with a primary focus on priority strategies and initiatives via training, TA, research, pilot efforts.

Provide and strengthen the organizational capacity to support and advance these goals and strategies.