Robert and Claudia Brown

Robert and Claudia Brown talk about their experience caring for three grandchildren after the loss of their daughter. Robert and Claudia’s commitment to their family and positive outlook on life have led them to practice gratitude even in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Robert: In my opinion, a family is made up of several components. First being commitment, which is to make family relationships a high priority. The parents are to reassure the children that they’re loved and respected. And the children, likewise, respect their parents…

Claudia: Also, in a family, you’re just committed to each other and you always show them respect and kindness. And a family also consists of doing what needs to be done by each other.

Claudia: So what is your big biggest worry? And what is your biggest joy?

Robert: Well, I wouldn’t say I have any big worries. I do have concerns and they would always include concerning my grandkids. Whether they’re getting a good education, whether they’re surrounding themselves with the right people and know that they are concerned about themselves as well as others. My biggest joy is that we, as a family have been able to spend time together and through it all our grandkids. They came to us when they were five and a half, two and a half, and eight months old. And I look at them now they’re young men and I just thank God that we were there for them. And that is the biggest joy that I can receive.

Claudia: And also that we have them now, where one is in college and two is in high school. And with the ripping and running that we’ve had to do, it is an honor to be able to raise them in this day and time, to share our experience with them, to share our love with them, and to guide and talk to them about the right direction that they should go in.

Claudia: Well, how do you deal with uncertainty and help ensure happiness for your family during COVID-19?

Robert: Well, the best way for me to do is to pray. I’d get a relief from prayer when things are going on, such as COVID-19. And I see people, they’re panicking and acting like it’s the world coming to end. I get great relief from prayer. I just take time out and pray. And then, I thank God that my wife and my grandchildren and my daughter and her family there all safe. And we’re coming through this thing without any problems. And that’s what I feel very blessed about.


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