Research Article

The Applicability of Empowerment Theory to Intergenerational Programming

This paper by Lawrence-Jacobson and Kaplan is intended to identify and evaluate a theoretical perspective that can be useful for informing intergenerational community building efforts: empowerment theory.

Lawrence-Jacobson, A. & Kaplan, M. (2011). The applicability of empowerment theory to intergenerational programming. Japan Journal of Intergenerational Studies, 1(1), 7-17. [Also published as chapter in: A. Kusano, K. Mizobe, H. Uchida, & A. Yoshizu (Eds.). (2012). Tayouka-shyakai wo tsumugu sedaikankoryu (“Intergenerational Relationships to Unite the Diversified Society”). Otsu, Japan: Sangaku Publishing Co., Ltd.]

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