Making the Case for Intergenerational Programs

Provides rationale and facts to help make the case for intergenerational programs

Making the Case for Intergenerational Programs is based on a comprehensive review of the literature on intergenerational programs and highlights evidence-based findings on how intergenerational programs benefit everyone.

Download Making the Case for Intergenerational Programs.

Download Making the Case in Spanish

Download Fact Sheet – Intergenerational Programs Benefit Everyone – which serves as a companion piece to Making the Case and provides a synthesized overview of the benefits.

Download Fact Sheet in Spanish

Very special thank you to Dr. Ernest Gonzales, Associate Professor at New York University, Silver School of Social Work and his colleagues Rachel Kruchten and Cliff Whetung for researching and writing this document.

These resources were supported by a grant from RRF Foundation for Aging.

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