La Tiendita: An Intergenerational Entrepreneurship Program

This is the program development manual for “La Tiendita” (little shop in Spanish), a two year intergenerational entrepreneurship program designed to help reduce social isolation among Latino older adults and foster intergenerational understanding and empathy.

Download the program development manual.

Created in 2016 by Congreso de Latinos Unidos with funding from the Friends Foundation, La Tiendita was designed to build the capacity of older people and young adults to develop a small business initiative focused on producing and marketing culturally relevant crafts. Older adults and young adults worked together each week to create handmade crafts with the guidance of a Teaching Artist. A Pop-up Shop event where the products were displayed and sold was held every 10 weeks. Profits were re-invested into the program. Approximately 32 people participated in La Tiendita during the two-year program period.