Intergenerational Digital Photography Workshop Curriculum

With funding from The Brookdale Foundation, Generations United worked with professional photographer, Annie Levy to pilot the intergenerational photography workshop with two organizations in New York – the Carter Burden Center for the Aging and DOROT. This curriculum is based on the lessons learned from the two pilot projects.

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This curriculum grew out of a project that was piloted in New York City with a grant from The Brookdale Foundation. The workshop was conducted in two different types of settings. One was a senior center where students from a middle school visited weekly to participate, the other, an agency dedicated to fostering relationships between generations. The settings and participants were very different. This helped us to evaluate and determine that the principles and concepts described here will in fact work in a host of different settings.

In both settings the workshop was designed around the two key concepts of the simple creation and discussion of images. This served as the point around which the generations could freely interact and learn about each other. One of the participants called the camera “a great equalizer”, further stating that everyone could express their unique vision and interact around the images created without the experience feeling “contrived”.