Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children: The Second Intergenerational Action Agenda

This publication is a blueprint for a national, collaborative effort to support grandparents and other relatives and the children they raise, and a call to action to anyone interested in joining the effort.

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This publication resulted from the July 2004 national symposium on grandparents and other relatives raising children. Generations United and six co-sponsors — AARP, American Academy of Pediatrics, The Brookdale Foundation Group, Casey Family Programs, Child Welfare League of America, and Children’s Defense Fund — convened experts from around the country were invited to participate in a two-day discussion of what remains to be done to support each generation in grandfamilies.

This publication includes 28 recommended action items. The agenda begins with a brief exploration of the accomplishments since 1997 on behalf of relative-headed families. It then sets forth the specific recommendations and concludes with background information in a number of areas impacting the families.