GrandFacts: Data, Interpretation, and Implications for Caregivers (2009)

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While multiple reports have studied either grandparent or other relative caregivers or the children in
grandfamilies, relatively few studies have compiled data on the entire family or household. This report
provides data on children, caregivers, and the entire grandfamily. Grandfamilies are families headed by grandparents and other relatives sharing their homes with their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and/or other related children.

The specific focus of this report is one type of grandfamily: skipped generation grandparent-headed grandfamilies. These grandfamilies are families headed by grandparents in which no parents of the grandchildren are present. The available data demonstrates that skipped generation grandfamilies are the least common type of grandfamily. This report focuses on them because of the lack of useful information about these families in which parents are absent.

With few exceptions, reports examining other types of grandfamilies have not been based on the American Community Survey 2005-2007 (ACS) three year estimates, this report outlines many demographics and characteristics of the individuals and households classified as skipped generation grandfamilies. Full data charts from the ACS, along with additional information, are also available at

This report was written to assist those who want to learn more about, provide services for, or advocate on behalf of skipped generation grandfamilies. It is primarily aimed at four specific audiences: Relatives as Parents Programs (RAPPs) and other support groups and caregivers, practitioners, policymakers, and the general public.