Connecting Generations, Strengthening Communities: A Toolkit for Intergenerational Program Planners

This toolkit is the premiere resource for intergenerational program planners. It draws from the 30+ years of experience of The Intergenerational Center at Temple University in designing, implementing, evaluating and teaching about intergenerational programs.

Download the Toolkit.

The 13-chapter toolkit is designed to help educators, health and human service providers, and community leaders effectively plan and implement a wide range of intergenerational programs. It helps people who have no experience in intergenerational programming to explore options and get new initiatives off the ground.  It also provides information to those people who want to enhance existing intergenerational programs.

Organizations that may be interested in using the toolkit include the following:

  • Educational institutions
  • Community-based organizations serving youth, older adults, and/or families
  • Faith-based institutions
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Government agencies (such as Area Agencies on Aging and Children and Family Services Departments)
  • Arts and cultural institutions
  • Housing departments or developments
  • Health promotion agencies

The toolkit can be read cover to cover or consulted as an ad hoc resource.  If you are thinking about launching an intergenerational program, read the handbook from start to finish to review the knowledge and tools you’ll need.  The chapters are organized to take you through the sequence of planning, implementing, and sustaining an intergenerational program.  If you are already managing a successful program, you may want to consult selected chapter to help expand or enhance your efforts. Every chapter concludes with list of additional resources.  All materials can be adapted to fit a variety of programs and organizations.