Connecting Generations in Senior Housing: A Program Implementation Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by Generations United and the Leading Age LTSS Center @UMass Boston with funding from the Retirement Research Foundation. It was designed specifically to help senior housing organizations plan and implement high-quality intergenerational programs that will benefit residents and young people in their communities.

While designed with senior housing organizations in mind, a range of organizations interested in planning and implementing intergenerational programs and activities will also find the toolkit useful.

There are many ways to take an intergenerational approach to programming. The materials contained in the toolkit can help you begin developing your program and/or give you tips on deepening or expanding your intergenerational work.

Download the PDF of the toolkit.


Check out the online version of the toolkit.

Download the Head, Hands & Heart activity.

The toolkit features:

Tools to help you get started, including:
  • Organizational assessment questions.
  • Survey templates to assess resident interests.
Tools to help you design a high-quality program, including:
  • Concrete planning and implementation strategies and tips.
  • Ideas for both short- and long-term activities.
  • Examples of promising practices.
Tools to help you decide if your program is fulfilling its goals, including:
  • Evaluation tools to better understand your program’s impact.