What Is/What Can Be Exhibit

Generations United welcomes you to What Is/What Can Be, our program, experience, and exhibit featuring the world of What Is and What Can Be as seen through the eyes of grandfamilies (grandparents and other relatives and those in their care).

The grandfamilies you meet here are our inaugural group of experts, sharing their lived experiences and helping us to see, imagine, and create new futures.

What Is: Challenges Faced

Features are the words and photographic expressions of What Is – specifically about Food Insecurity and Mental Health – as seen through the eyes of the grandfamily caregivers.  We invited them to capture and let us see these issues as they see and experience them.

What Can Be: Futures Envisioned

Featured are the words and drawings of What Can Be – in any realm of life – as seen through the eyes of the young people in grandfamilies.  We invited them to let their hopes, dreams, and imaginations inform us about what matters most to them in creating new futures.

Join Us: Our Creative Beginning

This is our first step in the journey:

  • Engaging and equipping communities to share their experiences,
  • Amplifying their visions and voices, and,
  • Working toward creating what can be as new lived realities.

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Discover Generations United’s GRAND Voices

A group of grandparents and dedicated relative caregivers from every corner of the nation, as valued strategic partners, GRAND Voices members are pivotal in shaping policies and practices directly impacting grandfamilies. Learn more here.

Host the Exhibit 

Are you interested in hosting the “What Is/What Can Be” Exhibit at your upcoming event? If so, kindly send your inquiries to Please make sure to provide us with your organization’s name, the location for the gallery setup, and the intended gallery hosting dates. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Special Thanks

  • Annie Levy is our visionary partner in this work. She is best known for advising philanthropies, companies, and communities. Creating unique ways for them to tell their story, bring their mission to life, and engage people in What Can Be.
  • To all of the grandfamilies for their time, effort, and dedication to this work, and to the young people for letting us see What Can Be through their eyes.

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The artwork displayed represents the unique perspectives of individual artists and may not necessarily reflect the views of Generations United. Its purpose is to encourage conversation and share personal insights. Permission from Generations United is required for the reproduction and distribution of the artwork.