Valuing Vaccinations Across the Generations

People of all ages should be talking more and doing more about getting the vaccinations needed to build healthy communities for all generations.


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Valuing Vaccinations Across the Generations is an awareness campaign to expand intergenerational collaboration to increase the rates of recommended vaccines across the lifespan. As vaccines have become a critical step to defeating the current pandemic, routine vaccines have long been necessary for the health of both older and younger generations – and particularly when older adults serve as caregivers for young children.

Originally launched in 2016 by Generations United in partnership with The Gerontological Society of America and the American Academy of Pediatrics, the campaign also expanded internationally with the work of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute on Gerontology in Japan and the University of Granada in Spain.

A report titled “Reframing the Conversation about Child and Adolescent Vaccinations” equips physicians, advocates, and public health communicators with the strategies necessary to effectively build understanding of and support for child and adolescent vaccinations. Read the report here.

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