Global Intergenerational Week – April 24-30

Join Generations United, The Eisner Foundation, and organizations around the world to celebrate Global Intergenerational Week!

Global Intergenerational Week is an annual campaign celebrating all things intergenerational led by Generations Working Together in Scotland.

The campaign inspires individuals, groups, organizations, and local/national governments to fully embrace intergenerational practice, connecting people of different generations in intentional, mutually beneficial activities.

Generations United is thrilled to partner with The Eisner Foundation as the U.S. leaders for this campaign. Ready to share your passion about everything intergenerational? We invite you to sign up as a supporter and we will send you updates on Global Intergenerational Week.

Check out the recording and view the slides from the U.S. kickoff information session on February 15.

More information coming soon!


Day 1 – 04/24:  Let’s Raise Intergenerational Awareness

Day 2 – 04/25: Let’s Build Intergenerational Partnerships

Day 3 – 04/26: Let’s Combat Loneliness and Social Isolation

Day 4 – 04/27: Let’s Celebrate Intergenerational Spaces and Communities

Day 5 – 04/28: Let’s Break Down Age Barriers

Day 6 – 04/29: EU day – Solidarity between Generations

Day 7 – 04/30: Let’s Build Intergenerational Workplaces