Ramsey Alwin

President and CEO

National Council on Aging

Ramsey is the President and CEO of NCOA. She is a thought leader and policy advocate who is leading a nationwide movement to ensure equitable aging for every American.

Prior to leading NCOA, Alwin directed financial resilience global thought leadership at AARP. She worked to position the organization as the world leader on the implications of longevity on social insurance, financial exploitation, short-term savings, and the future of work. She led joint ventures with the World Economic Forum and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Prior to AARP, Alwin served as Vice President of Economic Security at NCOA, Director of National Economic Security Programs at Wider Opportunities for Women, Director of Program Services at the National Association of State and Community Services Programs, and Foundation Board Specialist at the National Alliance for Black School Educators.

Currently, Alwin serves on the Executive Committee of the UN NGO Committee on Aging, the America250 Health and Wellness Advisory Council, and the National Academy of Social Insurance Finance Committee.

Alwin holds a B.A. from Simmons University and a master’s degree from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

Outside of work, Ramsey enjoys spending free time with her family and supporting her daughters’ adventures with the Capitol Hill Cluster School Girl Scouts Troop. As a Troop volunteer, she serves as a mentor to Daisy and Brownie Scouts in the community.