Alan Hatton-Yeo

Senior Fellow

Dr. Alan Hatton-Yeo MBE is a senior fellow with Generations United and is a leading expert on intergenerational practice and positive aging. He is the founder of the Centre for Intergenerational Practice, the former Chief Executive at The Beth Johnson Foundation, former Chair of the International Consortium for Intergenerational Programmes, founder of the European Map of Intergenerational Learning network, an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Keele, and Associate Editor of the Journal for Intergenerational Relationships.

While at University he worked in the holidays at Le Court Cheshire Home and also as a volunteer with Young Disabled Holidays. After completing his Masters in Organic Chemistry he decided to work with people and did his teaching qualification specializing in working with young people with Special needs. After joining the Spastics Society in 1980 he was promoted to the role of Principal Education Advisor. In this role, he was responsible for the management of the education service for England and Wales as well as being policy lead. After leaving the Spastics Society he worked as a freelance consultant for four years with roles that included project managing the reorganization of the British Red Cross to become a single national charity and being Director-General of the British Red Cross in Northern Ireland.

Dr. Hatton-Yeo joined the Beth Johnson Foundation in 1998 with a brief to relaunch the Foundation to become a leading UK organisation addressing positive ageing and influencing policy. Since then he specialised in leading the development of innovative approaches to an ageing society that are evidence-based and influence policy, particularly in developing positive approaches to ageing across the life course. He aspired to contribute to developing communities and a society where people of all generations can age well and be valued for their contributions and aspirations.

After retiring as CEO of the Beth Johnson Foundation in 2014, Hatton-Yeo worked for three years as the national expert lead on Age-Friendly Communities for the Ageing-Well in Wales programme and Strategic Development Manager for Volunteering Matters Wales. In a Voluntary capacity, he was Chair of Generations Working Together Scotland, a Trustee and Chair of the Dukes Theatre in Lancaster, and the Chair of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau North Lancashire.

Since retiring from national work in 2017, Hatton-Yeo has concentrated on voluntary work in his local area and working as a Wave Leader with Inspira on their National Citizenship Service Programme leading a number of waves for them on a contract basis. As part of this, he led the development and delivery of their pioneering Year Ten NCS programme during 2018 and 2019. Most recently, he has worked as a tutor to young people with special needs in care homes and foster homes. As part of the National Tutor Scheme, he worked two days a week at Sedbergh Primary School teaching Mathematics to pupils from all year groups.


  •  BA(Hons) University of Oxford, 1974
  •  MA(Hons), University of Oxford, 1975
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education, University of Leicester, 1976

Honours and Awards:

  • D.Univ, University of Keele, 2012
  • M.B.E. 2012
  • International Innovation Award, Generations United USA, 2011
  • Intergenerational Pioneer Award, United for All Ages 2011
  • Emerald Literati Award 2013

Key Employment:

2019 onwards Tutor to young people with special needs mainly in care homes or foster care.
2017 onwards Wave Leader of Inspira on their local NCS programme leading groups of young people.
2014 to 2017 Lead Consultant Communities for All Ages UK
1998 to 2014 Chief Executive, The Beth Johnson Foundation
1996 to 1998 Project Manager for Restructuring of the British Red Cross including a year as Acting Director-General of the Red Cross for Northern Ireland.
1995 to 1996 Principal, Beaumont College
1988 to 1994 Principal Education Advisor, The Spastics Society for England and Wales
1984 to 1988 Head of Education, Dene College
1982 to 1984 National Parent Liaison Officer, The Spastics Society
1980 to 1982 Lecturer, Dene College
1978 to 1980 Health Worker, Homeless People
1976 to 1978 Residential Social Worker, Young People with Learning Disabilities


Select Publications:

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