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Generations United collects and shares information on intergenerational programs across the United States. We currently have a program in every state with nearly 900 programs in the database. You can search programs below by keywords or state.

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  1. Met Council’s Senior Lunch Program
    At the Senior Lunch Program volunteers serve hot kosher meals every Sunday to 20-25 low-income seniors at one of our senior housing sites in Kipps Bay, Manhattan. Residents are invited from different nearby Met Council senior housing sites to attend this program. Some volunteer duties include setting up, waiting on the clients, serving lunch, and – most importantly – socializing with our clients. Volunteers include teen and young professional groups.
    • 120 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY,
    • 212-453-9508
    • volunteer[at]
  2. DOROT Package Deliveries
    DOROT mobilizes volunteers of all ages to improve the lives of the elderly. Our intergenerational programs engage youth in volunteer activities within an educational framework, increase their sensitivity to the needs of the elderly, and further their commitment to service. Individuals, families, and groups are welcome to visit a senior in their home and bring a gift package of traditional foods and holiday items. Visits take place on the East and Upper West Side of Manhattan as well as in Westchester.
    • 171 West 85th St, New York, NY,
    • Sean ReYes
    • 212-769-2850
    • jturner[at]
  3. Jewish Home Lifecare – Geriatric Career Development (GCD) Program
    The GCD Program is an intergenerational afterschool program that integrates at-risk youth into the long-term care setting. During the school year, students spend 8-10 hours each week at JHL participating in academic support, college preparation, healthcare career preparation, and life skills counseling. Students interact with the elders in a one-to-one mentoring relationship, on nursing communities in a clinical role and in elder social circles hosting group activities for each nursing unit.
    • 120 West 106th Street, New York, NY,
    • Carrie Lewy
    • 212-870-4838
    • kwoods[at]
  4. Queens Community Hope House
    QCH's Neighborhood Intergenerational Chore and Errand (N.I.C.E.) Program serves both youth and senior citizens in our community. In this program, youth perform shopping, laundry, and errands for homebound frail seniors. They also share relevant information and discuss pertinent current events with the senior clients as part of their visit. In addition youth work in local senior centers and nursing homes assisting these institutions in areas such as transportation, arts and recreation. Our program currently serves over sixty seniors with limited mobility and hundreds of other senior citizens as well. The seniors receive a needed service to enhance their quality of life while teens are provided with employment, job training and life skills development. The N.I.C.E. Intergenerational Program takes two seemingly separate populations and helps them realize their commonalities. The relationship building that occurs allows for enhanced self-esteem, and a better understanding of each generation for both age groups.
    • 108-25 62nd Drive, Queens, NY,
    • Janice Kirschner
    • 718-592-5757
    • info[at]
  5. Generations Gates Child Care Center
    The Gates day care center is particularly unique because in addition to child care, we have our elder care at this facility as well. Children can walk down the hall to visit with the grandmas and grandpas.
    • 250 Empire Blvd, Rochester, NY,
    • 585-247-3490
    • donna[at]
  6. Generations SW Rochester Child Care Center
    Generations is a leading provider of licensed, nationally accredited child care in the Rochester New York (NY) area. They offer uniquely intergenerational programming teams with social adult daycare linking children and seniors. Our St. John’s day care center is located on the St. John’s nursing home campus. Child care and elder care are brought together each week as classrooms get to experience intergenerational programming with residents of the nursing home throughout.
    • 170 Highland Ave, Rochester, NY,
    • Wendy Harris, Intergenerational Program Director
    • 585-697-0499
    • amy[at]
  7. Weinberg Center & Community Action Organization of Erie County, Inc. Head Start
    We have a Head Start located on our Campus which has an enrollment of approximately 15 children. We have quite a few planned activities where the children and our residents interact. On a daily basis the children go for a walk through our building which provides a great way for our residents and the children to interact. A few of our residents are regular volunteers in the Head Start program. Our residents also read to the children a few times per week.
    • 2700 North Forest Rd, Getzville, NY,
    • Janice Kirschner
    • 716-639-3311
  8. Bishop’s Commons Enriched Living – Bishop’s Commons Assistive Living Residence
    Since 2000, Bishop’s Commons Enriched Living has embraced children of all ages with creative and age appropriate activities and programs. They utilize a neighboring elementary school, day care, and SUNY state college students to foster interaction and friendships with the seniors living at Bishop's Commons. On a weekly basis, our community creates activities for any age that is interactive and meaningful where children and seniors learn from each other, share experiences and life stories, and simply have fun. It begins with the youngest of ages, where infants join seniors for “Lullaby Baby Socials” where singing, rocking, and floor time is simple and easy, yet fulfilling for everyone. Bishop’s Commons staff works to make a meaningful child/senior interaction and experience whenever the opportunity arises so much that the enriched living residence has acquired a reputation around the entire Oswego community where schools that are farther away are calling to bring their students in to benefit from the programs.
    • 4 Burkle Street, Oswego, NY,
    • Jessica Zeccardi
    • (315) 349-0799, (315)-349-0797 (fax)
    • jchetney[at]
  9. Warwick Day Care Center
    Warwick Day Care Center is located on a shared site with two senior care facilities. On Fridays the preschoolers visit with the seniors and sing with them. Keyword: Shared Site
    • 18 Grand Street, Warwick, NY,
    • Julie Chetney
    • 845-986-4706
    • warwickdaycare[at]
  10. Evening Edition – My Second Home
    The Evening Edition at My Second Home begins at 3pm and ends at 7pm. The first hour is group therapy and peer group support led by a social worker to provide an opportunity for participants to address any challenges they may be experiencing due to their diagnosis. The intergenerational aspects of the program begin at 4pm starting with a current events discussion using i-Pad technology with local high school students. We are currently running an art history project with an after school group of children whose ages range from 8-10 years old. We use technology to show artwork done by the Great Masters and do a hands-on art project inspired by what we saw. The evening culminates with a farm fresh dinner enjoyed by both the Evening Edition Participants and the high school students. After dinner the students teach participants how they can stay connected to friends using social media.
    • 95 Radio Circle, Mount Kisco, NY,
    • 914-241-0770
    • rbellamy[at]
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