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  1. Intergenerational Programs & Spaces ARECMA
    ARECMA focuses on community self-management, cooperation and solidarity, and individual and collective social responsibility across generations. It serves the residents of the Mariana neighborhood in Humacao, Puerto Rico, by providing services and facilities that bring residents of all ages together. In particular, ARECMA promotes education and economic development through a summer camp, health and job fairs, recreational activities, and community events including the annual Breadfruit Festival. In 2020, The Eisner Foundation awarded ARECMA the Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence. Keyword: Shared Site Keyword: Program of Distinction
    • The Recreational and Educational Community Association of Barrio Mariana de Humacao (ARECMA)
    • PO Box 368035, San Juan, Puerto Rico , , 00936
    • 787-985-0039
    • info[at]
  2. Intergenerational Programs & Spaces Amaran Senior Living
    Through a partnership with families, friends, and children of Montessori ONE Academy, Amaran encourages inter-generational relationships and involvement. Imagine the opportunities for residents and children to engage in fun, meaningful, and culturally diverse activities like a pottery class, singing, painting, gardening, even drying chile peppers. Amaran has been designed with many multi-purpose spaces, both interior and exterior, that have been created to encourage residents and children to engage in mutually meaningful activities together, such as reading, exercise, gardening, cooking, woodworking, crafts and more. Keyword: Shared Site
    • Montessori ONE Academy
    • 9100 Holly Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87122
    • Gina Fox
    • 505-445-7047
  3. Bethesda Sharing Center
    Bethesda Sharing Center offers loving, quality childcare in a unique intergenerational setting.
    • 1224 S High St, Aberdeen , SD, 57401
    • Laura Madsen
    • 605-225-7596
    • lauramadsen[at]
  4. Kendal- Crosslands Communities
    At our very own Early Learning Center, where staff’s children can play and learn with residents through various activities such as tree plantings, story time, swim lessons as well as countless other programs. These are memories that are treasured for years to come. Keyword: Shared Site
    • Kendal- Crosslands Communities Early Learning Center
    • Kendal- Crosslands Communities, P.O. Box 100, Kennett Square , PA, 19348
    • Masonic Care Community
    • 2150 Bleeker St, Utica, NY, 13501
    • Elizabeth Reardon
    • Reardone[at]
    • TLFC Intergenerational Day Program for Children and Seniors
    • 1270 Creek Street, Suite 3, Webster, NY, 14850
    • 585-637-0333 x1014
    • 845 Main Road , Irving , NY,
    • Sharon Rinehart
    • (716) 934-2353
    • srinehart[at]
  5. Generations Child Care- Gates (Washington Irving)
    Our intergenerational activities make us unique! This means children and seniors come together regularly to get to know each other, work on activities and share their thoughts. Both children and seniors benefit from these relationships in so many ways. Simply watching their faces is clear evidence of the joy created when the generations mingle. Generations is committed to bringing the young and old together. Keyword: Shared Site
    • Generations Child Care
    • 2400 Chili Ave, Rochester , NY,
    • Donna Delvecchio
    • (585) 247-3490
    • donna.delvecchio[at]
  6. Canton Day Care Center at United Helpers Maplewood Facility
    Canton Day Care Center is in a unique position due to its location within the United Helpers Maplewood Facility. The children in our program are neighbors with the Maplewood residents, and we use this proximity to involve the children in an intergenerational program. Intergenerational programs strengthen communities and contribute to both a healthy aging process and the social development of children. At Canton Day Care Center we are very proud of this program, and are constantly striving to improve the experiences of the children we serve and the community around us. Keyword: Shared Site
    • 205 State Street Road, Canton , NY, 13617
    • Nancy Addison
    • (315) 379-1829
    • cantondaycare[at]
  7. Child Development Center at Parker at Stonegate
    By developing quality intergenerational programming, we have created an environment where generations can come together to interact with each other in a healthy and mutually pleasing way. Our approach embraces the spirit of The Eden Alternative, utilizing a series of comprehensive and compassionate activities that bring joy to program participants. Keyword: Shared Site
    • Parker Life
    • 443 River Rd, Highland Park , NJ, 08904
    • 732-565-2410
    • cdcatparker[at]