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Generations United collects and shares information on intergenerational programs across the United States. We currently have a program in every state with nearly 900 programs in the database. You can search programs below by keywords or state.

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    • TLFC Intergenerational Day Program for Children and Seniors
    • 1270 Creek Street, Suite 3, Webster, NY, 14850
    • 585-637-0333 x1014
    • 845 Main Road , Irving , NY,
    • Sharon Rinehart
    • (716) 934-2353
    • srinehart[at]
  1. Generations Child Care- Gates (Washington Irving)
    Our intergenerational activities make us unique! This means children and seniors come together regularly to get to know each other, work on activities and share their thoughts. Both children and seniors benefit from these relationships in so many ways. Simply watching their faces is clear evidence of the joy created when the generations mingle. Generations is committed to bringing the young and old together. Keyword: Shared Site
    • Generations Child Care
    • 2400 Chili Ave, Rochester , NY,
    • Donna Delvecchio
    • (585) 247-3490
    • donna.delvecchio[at]
  2. Canton Day Care Center at United Helpers Maplewood Facility
    Canton Day Care Center is in a unique position due to its location within the United Helpers Maplewood Facility. The children in our program are neighbors with the Maplewood residents, and we use this proximity to involve the children in an intergenerational program. Intergenerational programs strengthen communities and contribute to both a healthy aging process and the social development of children. At Canton Day Care Center we are very proud of this program, and are constantly striving to improve the experiences of the children we serve and the community around us. Keyword: Shared Site
    • 205 State Street Road, Canton , NY, 13617
    • Nancy Addison
    • (315) 379-1829
    • cantondaycare[at]
  3. Child Development Center at Parker at Stonegate
    By developing quality intergenerational programming, we have created an environment where generations can come together to interact with each other in a healthy and mutually pleasing way. Our approach embraces the spirit of The Eden Alternative, utilizing a series of comprehensive and compassionate activities that bring joy to program participants. Keyword: Shared Site
    • Parker Life
    • 443 River Rd, Highland Park , NJ, 08904
    • 732-565-2410
    • cdcatparker[at]
    • Kendal at Hanover
    • 67 Cummings Road, Hanover, NH, 03755
    • 603 643 7020
    • 800 Home Street, PO Box 747, Rushford, MN, 55971
    • Angie Buytaert
    • (507) 864-7714
    • abuytaert[at]
  4. Riley Crossing Child Care and Senior Campus
    We offer a unique program that brings multiple generations together in a stimulating environment. As children and older adults share memories, play games and create together, an unmistakable bond forms that transcends generations. For children who do not live near their own grandparents, these connections can be especially poignant and meaningful. Learning alongside seniors will help children see beyond their own small worlds. They’ll understand more about life and discover many similarities between themselves and their “Grandfriends”. This understanding and love will lay a foundation for celebrating diversity, a skill that they will use throughout their lives. Keyword: Shared Site
    • 620 Aldrich Drive, Chanhassen , MN, 55317
    • 952-906-7277
    • info[at]
  5. Nonna’s Intergenerational Christian Montessori
    Our Intergenerational integration is perhaps our strongest aspect. We know that God intended for us to live in community, honor the elders, and celebrate the children in the midst of us. Nonna's brings it all together in one place. Experiencing ordinary life with extraordinary love.
    • 301 Promenade Ave, Wayzata , MN, 55391
    • 952-300-7860
    • info[at]
  6. Little Learners Early Childhood Education Center at Benedictine Living Community- Ada
    Children who attend Little Learners Early Childhood Education Center receive a lot more than excellent, licensed care - they might get a grandpal or two. An extension of the ministry and services of Benedictine Living Community-Ada, kids here interact with seniors - reading stories, playing games and making friends.
    • 201 9th St W, Ada, MN, 56498
    • (218) 784-5716