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  1. Intergenerational Age Cafe
    Intergenerational Age Café is a virtual monthly event where older adults and young students are exploring thought-provoking topics each session. It is a collaborative effort, based on the World Café Method.
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    • Natalia Kasperovich
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  2. SOMA Two Towns for All Ages
    Through Civic Engagement/Community Service SOMA'S missions is to identify, develop, and coordinate resources, policies, programs, and services that support and empower all residents of Maplewood and South Orange to age in place as full members of the community.
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    • Cathy Rowe
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  3. Samaritan’s Feet International
    Samaritan’s Feet Seniors serves and inspires hope and dignity in our aging population by providing shoe donations for seniors as the foundation to a spiritual and healthy life. It caters to both Seniors and Youth volunteers, serving each other.
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    • Deborah Cox-Roush
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    • Serenity
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    • Denise Tollefson
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  4. Ready Generations
    Ready Generations is an intergenerational nursery site located in Liverpool, UK. Its vision is to make a difference to lifelong learning and care by becoming a leading provider of intergenerational practice and provision, and a leading edge active research and professional development organisation for intergenerational services. It operates direct childcare services to nursery children and their families, alongside shared, integrated and meaningful learning and enrichment activities for older adults and children, learning and living together. Their primary focus is Education (e.g., service learning, reading, tutoring), Arts (e.g., visual, theater, music, storytelling, oral history) Health and wellness (e.g., food access, physical activity, friendly visiting, health literacy), Transmission of cultural traditions/knowledge Grandfamilies/Kinship Families, and Shared site programming.
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    • Sue Egersdorff
    • sue[at]
  5. Partners in Rhyme: Using poetry to bring generations today
    Partners in Rhyme (PIR) is a six-week intergenerational poetry program where older adults and teens gather in small groups to read, discuss, and write poetry. The program is held in high school English classes or community centers in the greater Boston area. Each session consults works from contemporary and classic poets on wellness and social-emotional learning themes such as gratitude, mindfulness, resilience, and personal refuges. After a guided discussion that focuses on personal responses to poems, everyone does some reflective and creative writing. There is a poetry reading at the end of the program open to the public. The goals include: PIR Goals: (1) Bring generations together using poetry to facilitate meaningful discussions and develop deep connections. In the process, reduce social isolation, shed stereotypes that each age group have for the other, and cultivate compassion in teens for older adults. (2) Expand social and emotional learning (SEL) by selecting poems to explore various SEL topics. Help participants develop empathy and communication skills as they engage with people outside their typical peer- and age-groups. (3) Provide a novel experience with poetry allowing poetry-phobic participants to develop an appreciation for the art. Keyword: Program of Merit
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  6. Kavod Senior Life: Music & Memory
    Music & Memory helps our residents who suffer from a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges. They find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music shared with young adults who work together to build music playlists, listen to music, and talk about the memories of the music together. It bridges the generation gap and brings joy and happiness to all participants. Our goal and mission is to improve the quality of life of our residents through intergenerational programming through the sharing of music from generations. We train the students on how to set up personalized music playlists for themselves and our residents . These music favorites – specifically the beloved songs from a person’s formative years – tap deep memories not lost to memory issues or dementia. It can bring listeners back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again, to converse, socialize, and stay present. Over the past 4 years we have served over 300+ older adults and 300+ college students. Keyword: Program of Merit
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  7. Legacy Letters
    Legacy Letters is a five-week in-person intergenerational program designed to increase engagement and decrease isolation and loneliness with high school students and older adults through sharing life stories. Legacy Letters offers an opportunity for participants to connect with a different generation and share their life story. This experience boosts self-esteem by giving each and every participant a chance to be truly seen, heard and witnessed. The sharing of wisdom across generations is a unique and deeply meaningful experience for all involved. The mission of Legacy Letters is to significantly reduce older and younger adults’ levels of loneliness and improve social connectedness through writing and sharing autobiographical writing across generations. We aim to improve perceived levels of social support, positive sense of self, connectedness to community, and life satisfaction. Keyword: Program of Merit
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  8. “Generations Together” Summer Camp
    San Diego Oasis’ Intergenerational Program Team was proud to bring the “grandparent effect” experience to Summer Camp for 1st – 3rd graders summer of 2022. This first-ever endeavor was a 5-day camp in which children were connected with caring older adults who want to see them grow and thrive. The camp provided interactive and fun learning experiences in reading, science, physical activity, and arts & crafts. Students were encouraged to form bonds with each other and with older adult tutors in a warm and loving space. Each generation learned together and had a meaningful and fun week-long experience. The mission of ‘Generations Together’ Summer Camp was to bring older adults and young elementary students together. The goal was to introduce small-group and one-on-one interactive opportunities throughout one entire week. Rather than spreading interaction over a number of weeks, months, or a year, we wanted to condense the time to multiple hours per day over a week. In addition to co-learning experiences, the volunteers took turns reading to the children as a group and the elementary-aged attendees were able to take new books home each day, which pertained to the day’s “theme.” Keyword: Program of Merit
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  9. Foster Grandparent Program
    AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent Program serve directly with nonprofit organizations to tackle the nation’s most pressing challenges. The Foster Grandparent Program engages Americans 55 years and older in volunteer service and to provide one-on-one support to children with special needs to improve their academic, social, or emotional development. The volunteers in this program help children learn to read and provide one-on-one tutoring; mentor trouble teenagers and young mothers; care for premature infants or children with disabilities; help children who have been abused or neglected. The Foster Grandparent Program of Southwestern PA’s goal is to have approximately 150 individuals 55+ to serve over 2,000 children in the region. The program is a stipend volunteer program that provides intergenerational relationships while improving educational outcomes for children in need. The volunteers serve as classroom grandparents who are mentors and positive role models at local non-profit organizations such as: public and private schools, Head Starts, daycare and child development centers, in addition to after- school programs. They help, guide, and assist children by developing skills in literacy, language, math, and cognitive development, as well as improving essential social and emotional intelligence. The volunteers are from all walks of life from a six county region in Southwestern PA (Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene and Washington Counties). Our outcomes are documented and reported to the Federal government. Keyword: Program of Merit
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