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  1. Audivi Memory Banking
    Audivi helps individuals save and play back memories in a personalized memory bank. Optimized for individuals with memory loss, Audivi’s platform is designed to ensure ongoing access to memories, offer a tool for caregivers and provide a mechanism to increase connection and reduce loneliness. As an app-based product, Audivi offers a wonderful opportunity for youth to connect with the older adults in their lives, share their curiosity and technical skills with them, while also creating a lasting gift and resource.
    • Audivi
    • 57 Central Street , Concord, MA, 01742
    • Kristin Nelson
    • (781) 290-9810
    • kwnelson[at]
  2. Partners in Rhyme: Using poetry to bring generations today
    Partners in Rhyme (PIR) is a six-week intergenerational poetry program where older adults and teens gather in small groups to read, discuss, and write poetry. The program is held in high school English classes or community centers in the greater Boston area. Each session consults works from contemporary and classic poets on wellness and social-emotional learning themes such as gratitude, mindfulness, resilience, and personal refuges. After a guided discussion that focuses on personal responses to poems, everyone does some reflective and creative writing. There is a poetry reading at the end of the program open to the public. The goals include: PIR Goals: (1) Bring generations together using poetry to facilitate meaningful discussions and develop deep connections. In the process, reduce social isolation, shed stereotypes that each age group have for the other, and cultivate compassion in teens for older adults. (2) Expand social and emotional learning (SEL) by selecting poems to explore various SEL topics. Help participants develop empathy and communication skills as they engage with people outside their typical peer- and age-groups. (3) Provide a novel experience with poetry allowing poetry-phobic participants to develop an appreciation for the art. Keyword: Program of Merit
    • , , MA,
  3. Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly Boston
    The mission of CitySites is to build connections across the generations through regular and ongoing social engagement between older and younger program participants. CitySites offers weekly intergenerational events in senior housing and senior centers throughout Boston. Service-learning and community-engagement college students are matched with sites where they organize and host activities, which are directed by older and younger participants. CitySites activities include language exchanges/ESL assistance, Tech Cafes, creative writing, story shares, games, adult coloring, and arts and crafts. Our intergenerational programs are multicultural and frequently multilingual. In bringing older and younger people together, we strengthen the social connections of program participants as well as the larger community by building bridges across generational, educational, cultural, economic, and linguistic differences. Keyword: Program of Distinction
    • CitySites
    • 2 Park Plaza, Suite 314, Boston, MA, 02116
    • Cynthia Wilkerson
    • 617-524-8882
    • cwilkerson.bos[at]
  4. Intergenerational Programs & Spaces Salmon Centers for Early Education
    Learning through Creative Play and Intergenerational Programming Keyword: Shared Site
    • Salmon Center for Early Education at Northridge
    • 85 Beaumont Dr, Northridge , MA, 01534
    • Lori Hansen
    • (508) 234-8009
    • lhanson[at]
  5. Intergenerational Programs & Spaces Salmon Centers for Early Education
    Learning through Creative Play and Intergenerational Programming Keyword: Shared Site
    • Salmon Center for Early Education at Natick
    • 3 Vision Dr, Route 9W, Natick, MA, 01760
    • Shirley Sherman
    • (508) 651-9306
    • ssherman[at]
  6. Sweet Readers, Inc.
    Our intergenerational programs pair middle school students ages 11-14 and adults in an intimate group setting in school classrooms, eldercare centers and museums. The programs meet weekly and over the course of six weeks, participants together explore and create art, music, poetry and/or movement as they discover each other. Sessions are led by a trained facilitator with a customized Sweet Readers curriculum. Our programs foster a warm, inclusive feeling of community during which everyone has a vital purpose.
    • 31 Heath Street #2, Brookline, MA, 02445
    • Karen Young
    • 917-828-2970
    • karen[at]
    • 128 Long Pond Drive, Harwich, MA, 02645
    • Dr. Donna S. Bender
    • 508 954 8407
    • dbender417[at]
  7. Treehouse Community Foundation
    At Treehouse, children whose lives have been impacted by foster care are being surrounded by people of all ages who care about them and are actively investing in their lives. Designed to support families who are fostering and adopting children from the public foster care system, Treehouse is a caring, multi-generational neighborhood. The community includes twelve family homes with three, four or five bedrooms and 48 one-bedroom cottages designed for seniors. The community has been carefully laid out to insure that families and seniors are interspersed around Treehouse Circle with the Community Center being a central gathering space.
    • One Treehouse Circle, Easthampton, MA,
    • (413) 527-7966
  8. Youville Place
    Youville Place Assisted Living Residence and LexFUN!, a group for Lexington families with children 5 and under, celebrate 3rd year together creating collaborative intergenerational programs.
    • 10 Pelham Road, Lexington, MA,
    • Katie Blanchard
    • (781) 861-3535
  9. Harvard College Alzheimer’s Buddies
    A student organization responding to the profound isolation and social disengagement experienced by people in the intermediate-to-late-stages of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We build meaningful emotional connections with dementia residents during weekly one-on-one visits
    • , Cambridge, MA, 2138
    • Jeffrey M. Robbins
    • (617) 495-1000
    • alzheimersbuddies[at]
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