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  1. Kavod Senior Life: Music & Memory
    Music & Memory helps our residents who suffer from a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges. They find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music shared with young adults who work together to build music playlists, listen to music, and talk about the memories of the music together. It bridges the generation gap and brings joy and happiness to all participants. Our goal and mission is to improve the quality of life of our residents through intergenerational programming through the sharing of music from generations. We train the students on how to set up personalized music playlists for themselves and our residents . These music favorites – specifically the beloved songs from a person’s formative years – tap deep memories not lost to memory issues or dementia. It can bring listeners back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again, to converse, socialize, and stay present. Over the past 4 years we have served over 300+ older adults and 300+ college students. Keyword: Program of Merit
    • 22 South Adams St., Denver, CO, 80209
  2. A Little Help
    A Little Help is a Colorado nonprofit that connects neighbors of all ages to empower older adults to thrive in their homes and communities. Using the evidence-based national Village Movement model, A Little Help mobilizes community volunteers provide non-medical services to neighbors while forging meaningful connections. Older adults receive help with a variety of services, including transportation, housework, and friendly visits, and are invited to engage in regularly scheduled local and intergenerational events and programming. Intergenerational connection is at the heart of each service and event provided by A Little Help, and we also create intentional intergenerational programming. Programs like Teen Team, which pairs middle/high school students with older mentors, highlight the reciprocity of intergenerational relationships. Both older and younger neighbors are providing value and support to one another, with students helping around the home and yard and older members sharing stories and providing mentorship, and both feel that they are the volunteer. A Little Help strives to break down the siloes that segment our society and strengthen community for people of all ages. Reciprocity exemplified when our older neighbors provide presence, rootedness, mentorship, and wisdom to younger members of A Little Help. Intergenerational interdependence creates a beautiful community.
    • 2755 South Locust Street Suite 220, Denver, CO, 80222
    • Hilary Simmons, Executive Director
    • (720) 242-9032
    • hilary[at]
    • Ignacio Early Learning Program/Senior Center
    • 15345 Hwy 172, Ignacio, CO, 81137
    • Debra Herrera
    • 970-563-4561
    • dherrera[at]
    • 350 S. Dahlia St., Denver, CO, 80246
    • Debbie MacKillop
    • 303-316-6324
    • dmackillop[at]
  3. Davis Phinney Foundation
    Parkinson’s Sidekicks is an intergenerational program that brings together youth and people with Parkinson’s to share their stories in fun and creative ways that promote mutual understanding and foster connections. In four highly interactive sessions, Sidekicks offers a variety of opportunities for creative expression that help participants learn new things and gain insights into one another’s experiences. The goal of Parkinson’s Sidekicks is to foster positive, meaningful connections between youth and people with Parkinson’s. The program provides an opportunity for people with Parkinson’s to open themselves up to a unique experience to connect with the community. Youth participants in Sidekicks also have a lot to gain; an understanding about Parkinson’s, learning ways to practice a positive mindset and to understand people with different experiences than their own – including those with neurological disorders like Parkinson’s.
    • Parkinson’s Sidekicks
    • 357 S. McCaslin Blvd, Suite 105, Louisville, CO, 80027
    • Kayla Ferguson
    • (720)457-0211
    • kferguson[at]
  4. Tri-Lakes Silver Alliance/Lewis-Palmer High School
    The Tri-Lakes Senior Citizen Center is located on the grounds of Lewis-Palmer High School, at 1300 Higby Road. D-38 works in partnership with the center to encourage multigenerational educational opportunities. Keyword: Shared Site
    • 1300 Higby Rd, Monument, CO,
    • 719- 464-6873
    • admin[at]
  5. Colorado Springs School District 11
    The mission of GrandFriends is to unite two very important segments of our community, our elders and our youth – the wisdom and experiences of our past and the creativity and energy of our future – to improve the academic achievement of our young people. GrandFriends are an integral part of the educational team preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world. Our retired and senior citizens with their multiple and valuable skills serve as talented mentors to our students. The students benefit not only from the sharing of these skills but also from the relationships they develop with the GrandFriends. Teachers continually praise the addition of GrandFriends to their classrooms. By creating an opportunity for interaction between senior and student, the child is helped, the older citizen feels useful and the community as a whole benefits through students who are better prepared for life’s work and to make positive contributions to society.
    • GrandFriends
    • 711 E San Rafael, Colorado Springs, CO,
    • Dawn Enger
    • 719-520-2311
    • dawn.enger[at]
  6. Bessie’s Hope
    Bessie's Hope youth and elders program matches schools and other youth groups with nursing home and assisted living residents. This is a mutually beneficial program where the youth gain self esteem, respect for others, life skills and academic skills. The elders receive companionship, intellectual stimulation and the chance to feel useful.
    • PO Box 12675, Denver, CO,
    • Linda Holloway
    • 303-830-9037
    • linda[at]
  7. Jiminy Wicket
    Through Hoops to Hope is a program in high schools and colleges that connects students with people living with dementia in engaging games of croquet. The program helps reduce the stigma around Alzheimer's Disease and provides a profoundly simple way for intergenerational fun. Students host the croquet event partnering with a local senior community. Keyword: Shared Site
    • Through Hoops to Hope
    • , Englewood, CO,
    • James Creasey, Founder & CEO
    • 303-520-9023
    • info[at]
  8. Spellbinders
    Spellbinders is dedicated to restoring the art of oral storytelling to connect elders to youth, weaving together the wisdom of diverse cultures throughout time. Spellbinders trains individuals, mostly 60 and better, in the art of oral storytelling, and places these individuals as volunteer storytellers in schools. Volunteers return to the same classrooms each month throughout the school year. There are 22 chapters in 6 states.
    • P.O. Box 1986, Basalt, CO,
    • Catherine Johnson, Executive Director
    • 970-544-2389
    • catherine[at]