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  1. CCSI Case Coordination, LLC
    We operate on grant funding from East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging to provide support and resources for relatives raising children, grandparents raising grandchildren, and legal custodial guardians caring for children in McLean County.
    • Grandparents and Relatives raising children
    • 3601 General Electric Rd. STE 2 , Bloomington, IL, 61704
    • Angie Raymer
    • (309) 661-6400
    • angie.raymer[at]
  2. Epilepsy Compassion International
    To advocate for people with epilepsy by educating the public, people affiliated with epilepsy and their caregivers.
    • Epilepsy Compassion International
    • 1530 Deer Run Drive , Manasquan , NJ, 08736
    • Kerri Croake
    • (917) 385-9775
    • kerri.croake[at]
  3. Thriving Kinship Inc.
    Thriving Kinship Inc provides support and assistance through intake and outreach for individuals, not limited to grandparents raising children of kin. Also, we are a Texas Certified Community Partner Program through Texas Health and Human Services that assists families with applying for TANF Snap, Medicaid, Chip, WIC, etc.
    • Thriving Kinship Inc.
    • 4695 S. Polk Street , Dallas, TX, 75232
    • Kemica Duty-Wright
    • (214) 875-7694
    • thrivingkinship[at]
  4. Flowering Connections
    Flowering Connections connects youth with the elderly through activities, performances, and writing cards to seniors. Using donated flowers, we arrange flowers with the elderly to give to seniors. Joining Flowering Connections is a great way to share your talents and love with the elderly community.
    • Flowering Connections
    • , Melno Park , CA, 94025
    • Sophie Cheung
    • (408) 239-3252
    • sophieluo08[at]
  5. Intergenerational Programs & Spaces FRIEDA Community
    FRIEDA (2014) and FRIEDA Community (501c3, 2020) share the same mission, to bring together people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds, with a curated program of activities and events focused on food, art and culture.
    • FRIEDA Community
    • 320 Walnut Street Suite 702 , Philadelphia, PA, 19106
    • David Wong
    • (445) 444-1895
    • david[at]
  6. Intergenerational Programs & Spaces The Grandparents Storylab
    We are an intergenerational project which seeks to connect our youngest and oldest generations. We want to address the invisibility and loneliness many elders experience while also building the communication skills of children. All the while fostering community building, empathy, understanding, knowledge transfer and wonder in both generations. The Grandparents Story Lab initially runs a series of workshops to equip kids with interview and audio storytelling skills. Kids then interview elders, and we produce the interviews into sound rich radio stories and podcasts. Children then reimagine the stories they have been listening to by creating art to illustrate them. Where do our stories go? In addition to being published on our website and podcast stream, The Grandparents StoryLab works closely with a variety of public and community radio programs to re-broadcast our content and cast the stories further. So far, two of our stories have been broadcast on NPR, a network of stations, which reach 28.5 million weekly listeners.
    • The Grandparents Storylab
    • , , ,
  7. Hope Therapeutic Services
    Hope Therapeutic Services is offering mental health therapy sessions to older adults 60+ through our Hope Cares program. Services provided as follows: In-home mental health therapy session to older adults residing in Essex County NJ with limited mobility or homebound. Virtual mental health therapy sessions to older adults living anywhere in NJ. In office sessions in our Montclair location. Caregiver Support Group (Virtual) *******We accept some Medicare plans, most private health insurances, private pay. *******We have immediate openings, no waitlist. Call today!
    • Hope Cares
    • 206 Bellevue Ave Suite 2F, Montclair, NJ,
    • (862) 505-9191
    • info[at]
  8. Intergenerational Programs & Spaces Florida Intergenerational Orchestra of America
    Fostering: Role Modeling, Character Building, Responsibility, Self Esteem, Confidence, Maturity, Team Spirit, Feeling of Accomplishment, Appreciation of the Arts, Desire to Learn and Improve, relating to and interacting with other Generations and more. "It's a wonderful sight to see people of all ages playing together simply for the love of music." Our Mission: To bridge the generation gap with music and musical performance. Our unique environment encourages, nurtures and promotes closer relationships between the generations We are “Successful Aging Through Music”
    • Florida Intergenerational Orchestra of America
    • 12313 Rockledge Circle , Boca Raton, FL, 33428
    • Lorraine Marks
    • (561) 922-3134
    • strings4all[at]
  9. Clarissa Street Legacy
    Clarissa Uprooted is a combined effort by the Clarissa Street Legacy Committee and Youth History Ambassadors from Teen Empowerment to uplift the memories of Rochester NY’s oldest Black community. This collaboration has created documentaries, recorded oral histories, built intergenerational relationships, and an exhibit currently housed in the Rundel Memorial Building in Rochester. Though physically demolished due to racist policies and urban renewal in the 1960s, The memory of Clarissa Street stays alive in memories and artifacts and continues to teach us how we can unify Black communities and build a more equitable future.
    • Clarissa Uprooted
    • 115 South Ave South Ave , Rochester, NY, 14604
    • Renee Dexter-Long
    • info[at]
  10. Montessori Intergenerational Learning Communities
    An innovative, intergenerational response to the critical workforce needs in the Early Childhood Field and to the unprecedented departure of older Americans from the workforce. Our program recruits, trains and deploys older adults to serve in the Early Childhood Field in the state of Colorado.
    • Early Childhood Service Corps
    • , Denver, CO,
    • Lisa Armao
    • lisa[at]
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