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  1. A Little Help
    A Little Help is a Colorado nonprofit that connects neighbors of all ages to empower older adults to thrive in their homes and communities. Using the evidence-based national Village Movement model, A Little Help mobilizes community volunteers provide non-medical services to neighbors while forging meaningful connections. Older adults receive help with a variety of services, including transportation, housework, and friendly visits, and are invited to engage in regularly scheduled local and intergenerational events and programming. Intergenerational connection is at the heart of each service and event provided by A Little Help, and we also create intentional intergenerational programming. Programs like Teen Team, which pairs middle/high school students with older mentors, highlight the reciprocity of intergenerational relationships. Both older and younger neighbors are providing value and support to one another, with students helping around the home and yard and older members sharing stories and providing mentorship, and both feel that they are the volunteer. A Little Help strives to break down the siloes that segment our society and strengthen community for people of all ages. Reciprocity exemplified when our older neighbors provide presence, rootedness, mentorship, and wisdom to younger members of A Little Help. Intergenerational interdependence creates a beautiful community.
    • 2755 South Locust Street Suite 220, Denver, CO, 80222
    • Hilary Simmons, Executive Director
    • (720) 242-9032
    • hilary[at]
  2. Intergenerational Connections at Wofford College
    The Intergenerational Connections program at Wofford provides opportunities for college students to interact with local older adults. Each semester we have opportunities for one-time or weekly interactions.
    • Wofford College Department of Psychology
    • R. Milliken Science Center 231A, Spartanburg, SC, 29303
    • Dr. Kara L. Bopp
    • (864) 597-4645
    • boppkl[at]
  3. The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Intergenerational Center
    The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Intergenerational Center will bring several services under one roof, but in a space designed specifically to address the modern citizens expectations for community services and facilities. The space has been designed to be welcoming, encourage spontaneous interactions, convey a community-like feeling, create new opportunities for senior activities and interests, and to encourage a family atmosphere among its staff and visitors. The space will also include new possibilities for gardening, outdoor recreation, exercise, meditation, and therapeutic treatments. Expanding services to children is vital to the new center. Most importantly will be the genuine interactions to come between seniors, individuals with disabilities and children. Keyword: Shared Site
    • Delmarva Community Services, Inc.
    • 2450 Cambridge Beltway , Cambridge, MD, 21613
    • Santo A. Grande
    • 410-221-1900
  4. Teach Me To Grow Healthy Intergenerational Community Garden and Indigenous Foods Program
    This holistic project emphasizes the importance of nurturing, self-sufficiency and education. It seeks to create a usable community-oriented, culturally sensitive program that improves the exercise, nutritional support, mental health and holistic care of Indigenous and Non-Native older adult and youth communities. We offer nutrition education regarding the use of indigenous foods to participants and community. We’re reclaiming ancestral foods that typify the Pre-Colombian lifestyle. We use a variety of organic, non-GMO vegetables. The intergenerational community garden includes a hoop house, raised garden beds and a greenhouse for starter plants. Hours of operation vary depending on the season. Keyword: Nutrition
    • Center for Healthy Aging
    • 11000 Lemmon Drive , Reno, NV, 89506
    • (775) 233-0268
    • TMTGH.cha[at]
  5. Mundi Project
    Mundi Project, a community music nonprofit organization based in Salt Lake City, provides intergenerational music programming for the clients of Neighborhood House. Neighborhood House, founded in 1894, provides affordable quality daycare and support services for youth and adults of low-income families. The purpose of our intergenerational music program is to encourage youth and seniors to make music together while fostering meaningful connections and social empathy. By partnering with Neighborhood House, Mundi Project provides kidfriends and grandfriends the experience of learning music together! Keyword: Music
    • Neighborhood House
    • P.O. Box 520696, Salt Lake City, UT, 84152
    • Ruby Chou, Executive Director
    • (801) 487-8594
    • rchou[at]
  6. Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)- Intergenerational Orchestra
    The Heart of Los Angeles Intergenerational Orchestra (HOLA IO) unities multigenerational musicians from multicultural backgrounds to share the joy of music making and progressing toward a common goal of artistic excellence across a diverse musical repertoire.
    • 615 S Lafayette Park Pl, Los Angeles, CA, 90005
    • Daniel Suk, Artistic Director
    • 213-389-1149 ext. 305
    • dsuk[at]
  7. Jobs Partnership
    Family Restoration is a program that was designed to assist the "silent victims" of incarceration. Our clients share the same tragedy of having an incarcerated loved one. Many of our clients are grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. We hold monthly group meetings where we discuss the effects of the trauma they have experienced. Our clients are also given Walmart gift cards, bus passes, and gas cards monthly. They also have access to funding for minor home and car repairs, as well as many basic needs. We assist our clients on a case by case basis. Keyword: Grandfamilies
    • Family Restoration
    • 602 W Richmond Ave, Peoria, IL, 61606
    • Cheryl Parks
    • cparks[at]
  8. F.R.I.D.G.E (Food-Related Intergenerational Discussion Group Experience)
    This is a curriculum designed to enhance family communication about food, increase learning about food and nutri­tion, and improve family eating habits through teamwork. This age-integrated program approach aims to provide children, parents, and grandparents from the same families with joint opportunities to learn about, discuss, and act upon the same nutrition and health information. Emphasis is placed on helping family members to process this information in the context of their family lives- in terms of the real world issues that apply to them, such as limited budgets for food, difficult work and play schedules, diverse food preferences, food allergies, etc. The ultimate goal is to help families to work together to make better food choices and adopt more healthful eating practices at home. Keyword: Nutrition
    • Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences
    • 1971 Shortlidge Rd (Ferguson Building), State College, PA, 16803
    • Dr. Matthew Kaplan
    • 814-863-7871
    • msk15[at]
  9. Witness Theater
    Witness Theater is an innovative intergenerational program bringing together Holocaust survivors and high school students to elicit, expose, and memorialize the moving stories of survival. Through the lens of the survivors’ stories group members explore issues of war, loss and trauma while at the same time forming deep and meaningful relationships that dissolve the barriers between generations. The year-long program culminates in a staged production shared with the public: the students portray the personal experiences of the group’s survivors, while the survivors narrate their own stories. These free public performances serve as a vehicle for the survivors’ testimonies to be heard by many and to witness the special connections made between the generations.
    • Selfhelp Community Services- Holocaust Survivor Program
    • 520 8th Ave, 5th Floor , New York, NY, 10018
    • Eve Udesky
    • eudesky[at]
  10. SESSIONS Life Enrichment Program
    Through our SESSIONS Life Enrichment Program, Cadence Living® supports the totality of life with engaging activities designed to keep your loved one happy and healthy. With arts and crafts classes, music classes, lecture series and intergenerational exchanges with the local schools and youth programs, including our Intergenerational Garden Club where children and elders plant, tend and harvest together, we activate every part of the mind and body. Keyword: Shared Site
    • Cadence at Poway Gardens
    • 12695 Monte Vista Rd, Poway, CA, 92064
    • 858-674-1255
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