Older adult woman exchanges laugh with middle school child in classroom.

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Title: An Intergenerational Program for Persons with Dementia Using Montessori Methods

Author (s):  Cameron Camp, Katherine Judge, Carol Bye, Kathleen Fox, Jay Bowden, Michael Bell, Kristin Valencic, Jeanne Mattern

Abstract:  An intergenerational program bringing together older adults with dementia and preschool children in one-on-one interactions is described. Montessori activities, which have strong ties to physical and occupational therapy, as well as to theories of developmental and cognitive psychology, are used as the context for these interactions. The experience indicates that older adults with dementia can still serve as effective mentors and teachers to children in an appropriately structured setting.

Category: Programming

Keywords: Dementia, intergenerational programming, Montessori method, developmental sequencing, learning and memory, mentoring, teaching, compensatory mechanisms, children, older adults, education

Reference: Camp, C. J., Judge, K.S., Bye, C.A., Fox. K.M., Bowden, J., Bell, M., Valencic, K., and Mattern, J.M. (1997). An Intergenerational Program for Persons with Dementia Using Montessori Methods. The Gerontologist, 37( 5): 688-692.

Peer-reviewed journal: yes

Link to Full Texthttp://gerontologist.oxfordjournals.org/content/37/5/688.full.pdf


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