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Title: Intergenerational programmes: Public policy and research implications: An international perspective

Author (s):  Alan Hatton-Yeo, Toshio Ohsako, editors

Abstract:  This monograph is the result of a collaboration sponsored by UNESCO. It aims to highlight the importance of Intergenerational Programmes to many areas of policy. Necessarily in a study of this length it can only begin to explore the potential of this area of work but it seeks to lay out key issues for future consideration. The most powerful finding of this study, in many ways, was the strength of mutual understanding and recognition of relevance that was quickly established between authors from very different countries and cultures. The monograph aims to summarise key issues to underpin future research and policy development. It aspires to be of interest to professionals involved in all aspects of public life. Most importantly of all it reminds us that irrespective of where we are in the world the quality of the contact and connectivity of the young and old says much about the quality of all our lives.

Category: Policy

Keywords: intergenerational programming, policy, international, research, professional practice standards, intercultural

Reference: Hatton-Yeo, A. and Ohsako, T., (Eds.) (2000). Intergenerational programmes: Public policy and research implications: An international perspective. Hamburg, Germany: UNESCO Institute for Education.

Peer-reviewed journal: no

Link to Full Texthttp://www.unesco.org/pv_obj_cache/pv_obj_id_0704C8CEF1FEBF580C5936DE0721882729130300/filename/intergen.pdf

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