Older adult woman exchanges laugh with middle school child in classroom.

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Title: Children's Views on Aging: Their Attitudes and Values

Author (s):  Sally Newman, Robert Faux, Barbara Larimer

Abstract:  Children's perceptions and attitudes about aging and older adults are investigated using a version of Children's Views on Aging (CVoA), a four-part validated instrument designed to assess school-age children's views on older adults and aging. The instrument has been adapted to enable children to make value judgments about their responses to questions on the CVoA. The study reports children's perceptions and attitudes about aging are not as negative as adults conclude. Children are positively affected by interactions with older adults, they describe physical signs of aging without judgment, and respond negatively to some of the unpleasant conditions associated with aging.

Category: Perceptions of Aging

Keywords: Older adult resources, Intergenerational interaction, Children's attitudes, ageism, attitudes toward the elderly, intergenerational attitudes

Reference: Newman, S.. Faux, R., Larimer, B. (1997). Children's Views on Aging: Their Attitudes and Values. The Gerontologist, 37( 3): 412-17

Peer-reviewed journal: yes

Link to Full Texthttp://gerontologist.oxfordjournals.org/content/37/3/412.abstract

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