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Title: Mentor-supported literacy development in elementary schools

Author (s):  Julia Ellis, Jan Small-McGinley, Susan Hart

Abstract:  This paper reports on a study of volunteer mentorship programs intended to support literacy development in early elementary grades. To provide a context for the study and its questions it reviews issues related to the importance of early literacy development, various forms of early intervention, mentorship programs, and evaluation issues for both literacy programs and mentorship programs. In this first phase of the research program, the researchers sought to learn children’s, mentors’, and teachers perspectives on the quality of the relationships and the academic benefits of the program. The results indicated that such programs are a promising direction for further development and research work.

Category: Education

Keywords: mentorship, intergenerational, volunteering, literacy, education

Reference: Ellis, J., Small-McGinley, J., & Hart, S. (1998).  Mentor-supported literacy development in elementary schools.  Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 44(2), 149-162.

Peer-reviewed journal:  yes

Link to Full Texthttp://www.mentorship.ualberta.ca/page12.html

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