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Title: Culture builds community: Elders share the arts

Author (s):  Susan Perlstein

Abstract: Elders Share the Arts (ESTA) is a community-based arts organization that has pioneered programs to create bridges and partnerships between generations.  Teaching artists work with old and young people to transform their life stories into dramatic, literate, passionate presentations that celebrate the human condition and community issues.  ESTA is dedicated to validating personal histories, honoring diverse traditions and connecting generations and cultures through “living history arts” – theatre, dance, music, writing and visual arts.

Category: Arts/Oral History/Culture

Keywords: arts, community, oral history, creative arts, education, self-expression, social change, intergenerational programming

Reference: Perlstein, S. (1998). Culture builds community: Elders share the arts. Generations; 22( 4): 72.

Peer-reviewed journal: yes

Link to Full Texthttp://www.docstoc.com/docs/67810436/Culture-builds-community-Elders-share-the-arts

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