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Media Coverage

As a leading voice on intergenerational issues, Generations United has a well-established media presence. We have earned coverage on all major American television network and cable news broadcasts including programs such as NBC's Today Show and CBS' The Early Show.

In print, Generations United has garnered coverage in newspapers across the country, including The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. Magazines such as Ladies Home Journal and Parade have featured our story and our issues as well.

We have also earned regular coverage on numerous network radio news broadcasts including reports from the Associated Press, National Public Radio's Morning Edition and All Things Considered. In the last few years, many digital news outlets have also reported on our efforts, including AOL News, Yahoo News and Reuters. We also regularly contribute to The Huffington Post.


  • October 29 - CBS MoneyWatch (grandfamilies, challenges, census bureau)
  • September 8 - The Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio (grandparents day, joy cardin), Huffington Post (grandparents day, joan rivers, do something grand)
  • August 25 - NBC News (asian american, multigenerational households)
  • August 19 - D.C. Breakdown (angela rae, changing family demographic)
  • August 5 - Boomer Generation Radio (rabbi richard address, intergenerational programs)
  • July 25 - Slate (multigenerational households, pew, boomerangs, boomerees)
  • July 17 - Washington Post (multigenerational families, young adults, moving back home, pew, economy)
  • July 16 - USA TODAY (survey, aging, regret, older adults, seniors)
  • June 26 - Boston Globe (sandwich generation, multigenerational households, families)
  • June 21 - Minnesota Star Tribune (intergenerational shared sites, children, older adults, therapy)
  • June 18 - Huffington Post (joe kroll, irene clements, grandfamilies, children, grandparenting, family, foster care)
  • June 16 - Arizona Daily Star (grandparents rights, child custody, cps)
  • June 10 - D.C. Breakdown (angela rae, grandfamilies)
  • May 13 - AARP Blog (signature report, family connections, survey), Huffington Post (modern family, family connections, survey, signature report, susan dreyfus, alliance for children and families)
  • April 30 - Source Book (best intergenerational communities, reston, all ages, retirement)
  • April 7 - The NonProfit Times (changing demographics, diversity, nonprofits, coca-cola, cheerios, general mills, authenticity, out of many one)
  • April 5 - Arizona News Zap (best intergenerational communities, maricopa county)
  • April 4 - Fairfax Times (best intergenerational communities, reston)
  • March 30 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch (multigenerational families, extended family)
  • March 25 - Reston Now (best intergenerational communities award, robert simon, reston)
  • March 20 - Huffington Post (sally newman, mr. rogers, grandparenting, intergenerational programs)
  • March 7 - AngelaCARES, Inc. (intergenerational programs, volunteerism, youth, elderly)
  • March 3 - Bring Me The News (multigenerational households, granny suite)
  • February 28 - Huffington Post (virginia reno, social security, retirement age, planning for retirement, financial education)
  • February 7 - National Journal (coca-cola, cheerios, changing demographics, diversity)
  • January 19 - Huffington Post (martin luther king jr., young and old, evolving advocacy, technology)


  • December 20 - Huffington Post (civic engagement, grand voices, lombardi, bateson, elders), Pacific Union (multigenerational households, economic hardships, economic improvements)
  • December 17 - Realtor Magazine (multigenerational households, recession, family matters, report)
  • December 13 - New York Times (multigenerational households, boomerang kids, american community survey)
  • December 10 - Huffington Post (signature report, hilary pennington, housing, transportation, civic engagement, demographics, employment, young and old), Reuters (signature event, signature report, changing demographics, out of many one, the generations initiative)
  • November 21 - Washington Post (social security, letter to the editor)
  • November 16 - Washington Post (age-optimized communities, development, older and younger residents, advisory neighborhood commission)
  • November 12 - Huffington Post (veterans day, intergenerational programs, led zeppelin)
  • October 10 - Huffington Post (international day of older persons, united nations, social security, civic engagement)
  • September 26 - New York Nonprofit Press (intergenerational programs, young and old, collaborations, national council on aging, children welfare league of america)
  • September 17 - Huffington Post (juan williams, grandparents day, education reform)
  • September 8 - Huffington Post (lombardi, bateson, grandparents day, head start, george w bush, garth brooks, prince charles)
  • August 23 - Huffington Post (martin luther king jr., advocacy, march on washington)
  • August 12 - Huffington Post (advocacy, children, family, child care, early head start, head start, babies)
  • July 11 - Boston Globe (pfizer, get old, survey, aging gracefully)
  • July 10 - Huffington Post (Advocacy, Children, Family, Child Care, Early Head Start, Head Start, Babies)
  • July 4 - Huffington Post (civic engagenment, baby boomers, aging gracefully, children, education, health)
  • June 11 - Huffington Post (volunteering, national human services assembly, nonprofit, social services)
  • June 5 - Huffington Post (john rowe, forever young, successful aging)
  • May 24 - Huffington Post (united nations, children, family)
  • May 14 - Huffington Post (children, strong start, lombardi, bateson)
  • April 26 - Washington Post (age-segregated living, future generations)
  • April 2 - Huffington Post (taxes, grandfamilies, technology)
  • April 1 - AARP Bulletin (multigenerational families)
  • March 8 - Huffington Post (sequestration, divide and conquer, young and old)
  • March 5 - NPR (sequester, young and old, generational equity)
  • February 28 - Medill News Service (hunger, report, congress)
  • February 19 - Huffington Post (state of the union, family, Obama Head Start, elderly)
  • February 8 - Huffington Post (social security, children, education, family)
  • January 24 - Huffington Post (foster grandparents)


  • December 6 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (grandfamilies)
  • December 4 - ChangingAging (hunger, signature report, intergenerational)
  • November 21 - Huffington Post (Seniors4Kids, reflecting on the nation's collective future)
  • September 13 - Huffington Post (grandparents day, mobilizing older adults for youth)
  • September 12 - Reuters (social security for children & grandchilren)
  • September 11 - Wisconsin Public Radio (grandparents' value)
  • September 9 - Washington Post (grandparents and sacrifice)
  • September 6 - USA Today (grandfamilies, intergenerational play)
  • September 4 - The Street (NFL Players Association, activism among older adults)
  • May 23 - Huffington Post (kinship care, public support), The Associated Press (kinship care, public support)
  • May 4 - Denver Post (promoting intergenerational play in Colorado)
  • April 23 - Ladies' Home Journal (multigenerational households, growing trend)
  • April 26 - Washington Post (Letter to the Editor, response to age-segregated communities)
  • March 23 - NBC San Diego ("Best Intergenerational Community")
  • March 27 - NBC29 ("Best Intergenerational Community")
  • January 12 - TIME (retirees, moving in with kids, multigenerational households)
  • January 10 - Denver Post (intergenerational, child-rearing habits)

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