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From 2005 to 2015, Generations United's Seniors4Kids program raised the voices of older adults in support of policies that benefit children and youth.

Over a ten year period, Seniors4Kids amplified the voices of thousands of older adults on behalf of public policies that propel vulnerable children forward and strengthen the long-term well-being of communities for all ages. Policies affected issues such as:

  • Quality early care and education
  • Early literacy and grade-level reading
  • Home visiting
  • School meals 

How We Did It:

Seniors4Kids worked intensively with state-based networks including Colorado, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Nebraska and Pennsylvania. Generations United's Seniors4Kids developed advocacy goals with state childhood advocacy partners to determine strategies to generate the most impact. Building 
from the success of the state networks, the program later developed a grassroots approach to engaging older adults in intergenerational advocacy across the country. 

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Get Involved: 

In 2016, Generations United’s Seniors4Kids joined forces with Encore.org’s Generation 2 Generation Campaign, a national effort to mobilize older adults to stand up for children and youth. Learn more and sign up:

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