Older adult woman exchanges laugh with middle school child in classroom.

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Generations United is excited to announce our latest intergenerational photography contest
This year’s theme is “Generations Unleashed Equal Value Unleashed.” Photographs must depict youth and older community members engaging in activities that smash the silos that separate the generations and release the energy that comes from uniting them. The photographs should illustrate the contest’s theme with creativity and insight. The Photography Contest is open to photographers of all ages. Learn more

Photographs are a great way to tell the story of your intergenerational programs. Intergenerational programs can connect the generations through the use of photography and contests can celebrate the richness of intergenerational relationships. Photography in many forms is a powerful medium to help share the impact of your work.

Photography Programs
There are many ways to connect the generations through photography. Intergenerational photography programs can focus on learning a new skill and form of expression together; exploring life themes from different generational perspectives; discussing their perspectives on different subjects through the images they create; or producing an exhibit that can be shown to a variety of audiences to communicate about their life experiences. Read the Intergenerational Digital Photography Workshop Curriculum to learn more.
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