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2013-2014 Generations United/MetLife Foundation Youth Jumpstart Grantees
Generations United and MetLife Foundation are pleased to announce the 2013 Youth Jumpstart Grantees - youth-led projects designed to promote intergenerational solutions to societal challenges and build stronger communities. This year, the priority was funding technology programs and programs that help build strong, healthy communities.

Congratulations to the 2013-2014 MetLife Foundation/Generations United Youth Jumpstart Grantees:

C&T Youth Technology Academy, Rockville, MD - Young people will tutor older adults in using technology (such as internet, e-mail, cellphones, digital cameras and tablets) to write their memoirs.

Cache Valley Volunteer Center, Logan, UT - Youth service groups will collaborate with each other in visiting local senior living homes to teach residents how to use technology (such as Skype and Facebook) to document their life experiences.

The Carmel Foundation, Carmel, CA - Carmel High School students will meet weekly with older adults at the Carmel Foundation (a senior center) for tutoring sessions in technology. Students will also host workshops and facilitate a technology open house at the senior center.

Center in the Park, Philadelphia, PA
- Students from the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf will meet with older adults from Center in the Park, a community-based senior center to co-author skits that address health issues across the lifespan. They will act in the skits at various venues.

City-Wide Resident Council, St. Paul, MN - Youth will take a seven-week course in video production and how to connect with older adults. The students will then videotape older adults talking about the history of Roosevelt Community Homes, a 314-unit public housing community constructed in 1952.

Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY - Intergenerational specialists will train students about in how to communicate effectively with older adults who have dementia. Once trained, the teens will serve as docents at the Hudson River Museum where they will conduct tours for visitors with dementia.

Imagine Englewood If...NFP, Chicago, IL - Youth will interview long-time senior residents of Englewood, Illinois and digitally record their memories.The resulting video will help young people discover ways to reduce violence and build better relationships with older adults.

Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center, St. Paul, MN - Youth will interview older adults about their memories of the NASA moon landing in 1969 and other historical space events. The resulting video will capture the powerful effect these events had on people and will help educate more folks about space exploration.

Lake Superior School District #381, Two Harbors, MN - High school students will show older adults how to use technology (to increase communication and support life-long learning). Students will also help the seniors learn how to electronically borrow and download eBooks and audiobooks from libraries.

MetLife Foundation/Generations United Youth Jumpstart Grantees

Belton Service-Learning, Belton, MO
– this project will expand upon a current community gardening project in that the youth will can some of the fresh produce with the assistance of seniors, and then sell the canned goods at a community event.  The proceeds will be used to purchase supplies needed at a local food pantry.  Additionally, the project will expand the annual fashion show, where proceeds go to the food pantry, to create an opportunity for youth to collaborate with older adults at the senior center to learn skills such as sewing, crocheting, and knitting to create clothing that can be auctioned off at the fashion show.

Boys & Girls Club of Fresno County, Fresno, CA
– this new program will target neighborhood seniors, unaffiliated with the senior center connected to the Boys & Girls Club,  to build relationships with youth through activities where the youth educate seniors on making healthy choices in their diet and provide a healthy snack or meal once a week.  Additionally, this project will hold 3 special events for all seniors in the community to learn about healthy eating.

Boys & Girls Club of the Three Affiliated Tribes, New Town, ND
– the goal of this new program is to foster intergenerational relationships through a digital storytelling model.  Youth will interview older adults and record their memories and stories at a variety of venues across the Fort Berthold Reservation that feature considerable cultural and historical resources significant to the tribes histories.

Cross Cultural Community Center, Chicago, IL
– this new project will create cooking classes, taught by youth to older adults.  The classes will focus on youth educating older adults about American foods – tips on cooking, nutrition and health.  The goal will be to help the older adults become more independent by learning how to cook their own healthy meals, while strengthening intergenerational connections and understanding.

Eastern Nebraska on Aging Offices/Foster Grandparents
, Omaha, NE – this new project focuses on  first educating youth on healthy eating, nutrition and portion size and then creating a venue for the youth to transfer their new knowledge by leading cooking classes for seniors.  The youth who will be spearheading this program are a part of the Grandfather Youth Task Force, which was started in 2011 by the primary youth contact for this grant.

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson Troop 1986, White Plains, NY
– this revamped project will entail youth and seniors creating and assembling activity bags for homebound older adults receiving Meals on Wheels, and will include the New Food Guidelines placemat, an intergenerational cookbook (developed as a part of this project), healthy canned food, indoor herb kits, a Brain Teaser activity booklet based around nutritional themes and fact sheets with contact numbers for the homebound food stamps assistance programs, local food pantries and food markets that deliver.

Lucille W. Gorham Intergenerational Community Center, Greenville, NC – Project F.R.E.S.H., a new program, is designed to bring together Food and Relationships for Equitable and Sustainable Health.  Through Project F.R.E.S.H., youth will harvest, package and organize the delivery of fresh produce and healthy recipe cards to homebound seniors, which will then be delivered on foot by a cadre of youth and adults interested in increasing their exercise and engaging in community service.

Mount Vernon 4-H Awesome Adventurers, Fairfax, VA
– this program will expand a gardening project to include additional garden plots, provide opportunities for older adults and youth to harvest the vegetables and, under the guidance of a nutritionist, prepare meals together (6 times) in conjunction with a dance at a senior center.

Our AIM Foundation, Dunedin, FL
– this project will expand upon a current intergenerational visiting and skill building program, by creating additional opportunities to use technology to reduce older adult isolation and create digital memories.  The program will concentrate on increasing the number of youth to provide elderly companionship.

Widener University, Center for Social Work Education, Chester, PA
– this new intergenerational service-learning project is designed to help grandparent headed families create their own backyard potted gardens with their grandchildren and university students and develop a cost effective cookbook for developing healthy meals.
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