Older adult woman exchanges laugh with middle school child in classroom.

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Economic Opportunity
Generations United uses two, three and four generation approaches to stimulate economic opportunity and address poverty by promoting solutions directed at children, parents and extended family members.
The organization develops thought-leader pieces for policy makers and the media, provides tools, training and capacity building to empower grandfamilies, advocates for intergenerational policy solutions, and promotes effective program models that engage all ages in community solutions.

Inspiring: Generations United develops thought-leaders pieces to inspire policymakers, media, and champions of change to use intergenerational strategies to tackle some of our country’s most pressing economic issues:
Empowering: Generations United’s National Center on Grandfamilies offers tools, training and capacity building support to organizations serving grandfamilies and helps elevate voices of these families around a range of economic, social and legal issues.
Advocating: With the guidance of Generations United’s Policy Committee, Grandfamilies Advisory Group, and GRAND Network, Generations United has successfully advocated for policy changes that help grandfamilies, children, and older adults.
Engaging: By showcasing model practices and providing mentoring and technical assistance Generations United engages all ages to address critical economic and social needs in communities.
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